Andreas Hilfinger (CV)

I was trained as a mathematician and theoretical physicist at Imperial College and Cambridge University. As a graduate student I worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems on the swimming of sperm.

Before joining the University of Toronto I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School developing and using mathematical frameworks to analyze stochastic fluctuations within cells.

My scientific interests range from biophysical models of cellular motion and non-genetic cellular heterogeneity, to establishing fundamental performance bounds on biological processes, and developing new methods for experimental data analysis in biology.


Nava Leibovich

Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Raised at the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University.


Euan Joly-Smith

Graduated from McGill University in Physics and Mathematics. Joined the U of T Physics Graduate Program in 2018.

Having a physics background, I'm interested in the bridge between physics and biology and how physical laws manifest themselves in "living matter". I'm currently exploring constraints on stochastic models of cellular systems, using both theory and computation.  


Milena Hadzi-Tosev

Co-op student temporarily on loan from McMaster University.


Raymond Fan

From U of T Physics (UG) to U of T Physics (PG). Why change a thing?


Matthew Rozak

Undergraduate wizard of computers. And physics. And travelling.

Alumni — Alumnae


Zi Tong (Jerry) Wang

I graduate from McMaster University with a degree in Health Sciences and a minor in Mathematics. Former research student at University of Toronto. Now graduate student in Systems Biology at Caltech.


Sara El-Shawa

Former computer science and biology undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. My previous research experience focused on analyzing biological networks using graph theory.

My research interests include bioinformatics, computational biophysics, and machine learning.


Oyinda Adepoju

I am a 4th year undergrad student at UTM doing a Math major and a Statistics specialist at. I enjoy reading fiction novels. I hope to either go to law school or do a graduate program in Mathematical Statistics.